Picture of me on a lovely terrasse in the small medieval town of Najac

Picture of me on a lovely terrasse in the small medieval town of Najac

Hi, I’m Michael Goodale. Currently I’m working as a research assistant at Institut Jean-Nicod at École normale supérieure where I am working with Prof. Salvador Mascarenhas. Our current project is looking at pragmatic implicatures in natural language inference systems which is generously funded by a grant from PRAIRIE

My research interests largely lie at the interface of formal semantics, cognitive psychology and natural language processing. I am particularly interested in neurosymbolic models of conceptual processing and reasoning more generally.

I did a master’s degree in cognitive science at ENS where I developed a model of conceptual processing where the core primitives of formal semantics, discrete sets, are replaced with continuous representations, namely manifolds. This was to develop a novel account of privative adjectives, generic statements, and classical reasoning errors like conjunction fallacy. You can find a copy of it here on lingbuzz.

You can download my full résumé here.


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